All varieties of onions may be sown to pull young as salad onions, but if you want them specifically for this purpose there are two varieties to choose from.

White Lisbon’ Quick-growing, with a silvery skin.

Ishikuro’ The long, straight stems do not produce bulbs. They can be pulled out a few at a time, allowing the rest of the pencil-thin plants to grow on, for harvesting later.

Site and Soil

Light soils are desirable for this crop as it eases lifting and washing. Good drainage is essential, especially for the winter crop. Onions are not tolerant of acid soils, therefore pH should be 6.5.

Sowing Instructions

Sow the seeds in shallow drills and just cover with soil. Rows can be as close as 15 cm (6 inch), although a 30 cm (12 inch) spacing makes hoeing easier. Sow once a month from March to September to give salad onions all year round. Seed sown in September/October under cold glass and polythene will give a good winter salad crop.

Growing Instructions

Hoe occasionally to control weeds.


Pull the green onions as soon as they are large enough to eat, taking the largest first, leaving the smaller ones to grow on.

Pests and Diseases As for onions.

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