Standard ridge varieties

These traditional varieties are thick and medium-sized, with a rough knobbly surface.

King of The Ridge’ Fruits are almost spineless. Popular variety.

Burpee Hybrid’ Vigorous and prolific. 22.5 cm (9 inch) cucumbers have a smooth, dark green skin. The plants are reliable.

Patio Pik’ A dwarf variety that will grow in a plant pot. Prolific cropper.

Most ridge cucumbers are a little prickly.

All-female varieties

These varieties do not require fertilisation.

‘Sweet Success’ Long fruits, usually seedless. Good resistance to powdery mildew.

Amslic’ Good disease resistance. An absence of seeds.

Japanese Varieties

These are the largest and smoothest-skinned of all outdoor cucumbers. Need to be trained up a frame of netting and poles.

‘Chinese Long Green’ Smooth-skinned fruits about 1’ long.

Tokyo Slicer’ Smooth dark-skinned cucumbers, prolific cropper.

‘Kyoto’ Long, straight smooth cucumbers.

Site and Soil

A well-rotted compost heap in a sheltered, sunny position is ideal.

Sowing Instructions

1. Sow indoors in pots in April/early May OR –

2. Outside under cloches in the cropping site in mid-May/early June.

If sowing indoors, sow 2 seeds per pot and thin to one as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle. Plant out 90 – 120 cm (3 – 4 inch) apart in late May/early June.

Growing Instructions

Occasionally give a liquid feed and plenty of water in dry weather. Stop the main stem, at six to eight leaves, thus encouraging the side shoots to develop.

Cross-pollination is essential and some hand pollination will help to set fruits.

Put a piece of glass or wood under the fruits to keep them clean.


Slugs can be a problem at the early stages/ and mildew is likely to occur.

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