Growing Daffodils In Pots

Daffodils sold in pots should be grown as cool as possible so that fluctuations of temperatures will not cause trouble. They, too, should be marketed with the buds just showing colour so that the purchaser may have the added enjoyment of seeing the blooms open. White tissue paper should be wrapped round the pots and the foliage and buds should also be enclosed by the paper. To those who grow daffodils in pots for both sale and home use, may I suggest that several of the delightful wild forms and hybrids would make an interesting and original display if grown in pans or small bowls. One particularly charming subject is the new Cyclamineus Narcissus, Snipe, raised by Mr. A. M. Wilson and which bears its blooms on 9-in. Stems. Growing Daffodils In Pots

Another of the same type is February Gold, which bears a dainty lemon-yellow perianth and a bright orange frilled trumpet. The species triandrus Moonshine, the Angels’ Tears daffodil, bears its dainty white flowers two or three on a stem, also at a height of 9-10 in. The variety triandrus pulchellus, bearing its blooms of palest yellow which are deliciously fragrant is also a lovely pot plant. As the bulbs of these dainty varieties are smaller, several may be planted to a pan or bowl. They should be given the same treatment as for others growing indoors and they possess an advantage that they are not inclined to make excessive leaf growth if not given perfect growing conditions.

After indoor grown bulbs have finished flowering, those grown in heat should be planted in trenches in some out-of-the-way corner or in the woodland garden, where they will produce smaller blooms, but may take a year to recover. Bulbs grown under cool conditions should be allowed to die back by gradually witholding water. The bulbs should then be removed from the pots, cleaned and replanted in the open in August when they will be none the worse for their flowering indoors. They should be replanted outside into specially prepared beds.

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