Celeriac is commonly known as turnip-rooted celery. It produces a swollen root which can be lifted and stored well into the winter.


Marble Ball’ Medium-sized, globular, strongly … flavoured; stores well.

Jose’ Early cropper, uniformly shaped roots.

Tellus’ Quick-growing variety with smoother skin than most varieties.

Site and Soil

Most garden soils are suitable; celeriac will tolerate a poorer soil than celery.

Sowing Instructions

See notes on celery for sowing technique. Transplant into the cropping site in May/June.

Growing Instructions

Draw a deep drill and plant out in the base 22.5 – 30 cm (9 – 12 inch) apart. The drill makes subsequent watering easier as growth and succulence is dependent upon ample moisture. Space the rows 37.5 – 45 cm (15 – 18 inch) apart. Hoe to control weeds. Remove side shoots which may develop to distort the root shape.


Pull as soon as the roots are large enough. Celeriac is normally lifted in October/November and stored in sand or peat for winter use.

Pests and Diseases

Slugs, carrot fly and celery fly.

Chinese Long Green’ Smooth-skinned fruits about 1’ long.

‘Tokyo Slicer’ Smooth dark-skinned cucumbers, prolific cropper.

‘Kyoto’ Long, straight smooth cucumbers.

Site and Soil

A well-rotted compost heap in a sheltered, sunny position is ideal.

Sowing Instructions

1. Sow indoors in pots in April/early May OR –

2. Outside under cloches in the cropping site in mid-May/early June.

If sowing indoors, sow 2 seeds per pot and thin to one as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle. Plant out 90 – 120 cm (3 – 4 inch) apart in late May/early June.

Growing Instructions

Occasionally give a liquid feed and plenty of water in dry weather. Stop the main stem, at six to eight leaves, thus encouraging the side shoots to develop.

Cross-pollination is essential and some hand pollination will help to set fruits.

Put a piece of glass or wood under the fruits to keep them clean.


Slugs can be a problem at the early stages, and mildew is likely to occur.

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