Growing Guide: Alyssum – Gold Dust

Small bush, generally included among perennials, and not to be confused with the annual Lobulana (qv) which is also often called Alyssum.


Exceptionally suitable for rock gardens and other sunny, dry spots. Flowers early and profusely; after

flowering it should be cut back a little.


Will thrive in quite poor soil. Excessive moisture in winter is fatal; likes lime.


Side-shoots may be used as cuttings from mid summer to early autumn; the species can also be grown from seed.

Alyssum murale: Height 30 cm; flowers late spring to mid summer, a little more profuse than the following species. The best known species. Height 15-30 cm; yellow flowers mid to late spring; the foliage is grey. ‘Citrinum’ has lemon-yellow flowers; ‘Dudley Neville’ bears double creamy-yellow flowers which are sparse but beautiful; ‘Plenum’ is a double-flowered yellow.

Alyssum - Gold Dust

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