Growing Guide: Amelanchier – June Berry

Attractive, fast-growing shrubs or small trees.


Shows to excellent advantage in front of shrubs or under trees, and is often used as temporary under-planting. It is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn; in summer it is inconspicuous.


Reasonbly damp, sandy soil containing some lime is best.


From seed or rooted suckers.

Amelanchier laevis: Height 4-6 m; spreading habit, young twigs slightly hairy; white flowers from mid to late spring, to 4 cm across. Fine foliage colouring in early to mid autumn.

Amelanchier lamarckii, syn Amelanchier canadensis: Height to 6 m; slender shrub; leaves initially reddish in colour. White flowers in mid to late spring, fine foliage colouring in autumn.

Amelanchier - June Berry

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