Growing Guide: Anaphalis

Perennial with silvery-grey foliage. The white flowers can be used in dried flower arrangements.


Although inclined to grow rampant it is an excellent border plant, which likes to grow in the sun but tolerates a certain amount of shade. Particularly beautiful in combination with other colours, for instance with shades of blue, or with other white and grey plants (white garden). Plant in long, narrow groups.


Dry or moderately damp soil, which must contain some lime. The drier the soil, the finer the grey colour of the foliage.


By division of the root system. May also be grown from seed sown in spring.

Anaphalis margaritacea, pearly everlasting: 30-60 cm in height, white flowers from early summer to early autumn. Anaphalis triplinervis: Height 20-30 cm; silvery-white flowers in mid to late summer. The downy white leaves show three clearly marked veins.

Growing Guide: Anaphalis

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