Growing Guide: Antirrhinum – Snapdragon

Annual plants, sometimes grown as biennials, and commonly marketed as bedding plants.


Especially in beds with other annuals but sometimes combined with perennials. Require full sun.


Any reasonably manured garden soil.


If grown as an annual, the seeds are sown as early as February in a heated frame or greenhouse. Seedlings are pricked out, the tips are pinched out once, and they are slowly hardened off in mid spring. When grown as half-hardy annuals, they are sown out of doors in late summer or early autumn and, after having been pricked out, the seedlings are transferred to a frost-free frame or greenhouse. They will flower as early as mid spring.

Antirrhinum majus: Height 20-80 cm; flowering season, depending on method of cultivation, between mid spring and early autumn. Flowers include all colours, except blue. There are tall, medium and dwarf varieties; the open-flowered forms are called penstemon-flowered.

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