Growing Guide: Digitalis – Foxglove

Biennial plant, poisonous in all its parts.


Very suitable for shady spots, under trees etc. Very easy to cultivate, also self-sowing.


Will accept any garden soil with an adequate mois­ture content.


Sow in early summer in a damp seed-bed in deep shade. Prick out the seedlings, 20 cm apart, and in early autumn transfer them to the position where they are intended to flower the following year.

Digitalis purpurea: Height to at least 1.5 m; flowering sea­son summer months. The fairly small flowers are purple red on the outside, the inside is blotched with white. In the strain ‘Excelsior’ all flowers face one way; in ‘Gloxi-niaeflora’ the flowers are much larger. Yellow-white varieties are now also available. There is a low-growing annual foxglove called ‘Foxy’; sow in late winter in a warm environment.

Digitalis purpurea

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