Growing Plants At A North Facing Window

Many people fail to realize the advantages of the north window, when they begin to create a luxuriant green environment in their homes. The north window offers ideal growing conditions for many plants that prefer lower light levels. The key is to choose the right ones. The limited amount of light that comes through your north window will, for some plants, be just sufficient to give them a deep green colour and keep them healthy.

Colourful, sun-loving plants will not thrive in a north window, so they will not be worth trying here.

Choose your plants carefully and you will find that the north-facing window is the greenest window in the room.

Plants with similar needs should be your choice. It is no good trying to grow plants that like to be constantly moist and in high levels of humidity, with plants that prefer drier conditions. Similarly, plants that like warmth should not be planted with those that prefer cool conditions.

Care of plantsGrowing Plants At A North Facing Window

Most shade-loving plants are easy to look after on a daily basis. Always avoid dry atmospheres. Improve the level of humidity by misting the plants frequently with tepid water and standing them on moist pebble-filled trays. This also discourages harmful insects.

Plants for the floor

If the floor space in front of a north-facing window is not taken up with furniture, use it as a plant stage. Larger specimens which make dramatic architectural statements will be ideal for this situation. Also bear in mind it will be difficult to move them around frequently.

Climbing and hanging plants

Most house plants become large with age, and trimming them back may become tedious. If so, why not grow hanging plants? They will appear as clearly defined silhouettes against the light. Choose wisely to create a different level of green cover.

  • Ivy
  • Wandering Jew Yucca
  • Spider plant
  • Rosary plant
  • Prayer plant
  • Philodendron
  • Purple heart
  • Sword fem

The small window

If the north-facing window is a small one, make a feature of small plants. Fix one or two small shelves across the window if it is one that is not opened frequently and display 2-3 rows of small plants. Ferns and flowering plants such as cyclamen should be used as single specimen plants.

Plants for a small window

  • Adiantum
  • Aglaonema
  • Miniature cyclamen
  • Rhoeo
  • Spanish pepper
  • Sword fern

Large windows

If you happen to have a large north window you will have the chance to grow many larger, more exciting foliage plants which prefer to be out of the brightest sun.

Plants for large windows

Flowering plants

A north-facing window with foliage plants is attractive, but try adding flowering plants to make it more interesting.

You will not be able to keep the same ones all year round, but you can use seasonal favourites to make the window look different every month.

Flowering plants

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