Growing Plants on Walls

Growing Plants on Walls

Decision must be made as to whether the walls of the house are to be used as supports for climbing plants, and also any outside walls or fences if they exist. Some people dislike plants on the house, believing that they make walls damp, loosen cement work and encourage the entry of insects to the living rooms. Personally I believe all these objections to be considerably exaggerated and anyway would put up with them for the satisfaction of clothing my house with beautiful climbers.

But if it is decided to have plants growing up the walls, the question of aspect must be considered. A wall facing south may get very hot in summer, and some plants will not like this. By contrast a plant on a wall facing north will get little or no direct sunlight, and this will not suit all climbers.

It may be considered wise to make beds on the north side of a house or wall narrower than those on the south side, since there will be fewer plants that will appreciate such a situation.

Garden Boundaries Boundaries can cause a lot of trouble. If an apple tree is planted so close to the boundary of a garden that. Many of its branches in time overhang the neighbouring garden the owner of this will have a perfect right to retain any fruits that fall into his garden or even to cut the branches off although this may spoil the look of the tree. Hedges can present problems of maintenance if they are planted too close to the boundary and a good deal of dispute between neighbours is due to lack of common sense in these matters’.

Wet sites may need to be drained with pipe drains. These are laid in a herringbone pattern leading towards the lowest point of the land where a sump is made by digging a deep hole and filling it with rubble. Here the water will collect and drain away into the subsoil. The drains should be laid end to end on 6in (15cm) of rubble in a 2-fl (60-cni) deep trench and covered with rubble to a depth of 6in (15cm). Cover this with a 3-in (8-cm) layer of fine rubble or ashes and refill the trench with soil

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