Gypsophila- Annuals and hardy perennials

With small white flowers; very well known as cut flowers.


An ideal border plant, very beautiful in combination with other plants. The annual species is excellent for cutting.


Porous, chalky, but cool, soil.


Annuals are sown out of doors in early spring. Hardy perennials are grown from seed; double forms are grafted.

Gypsophila elegans: Annual, height 30-50 cm; white or pink flowers, 1 cm across, from early summer to early autumn.

Gypsopbila paniculata: Hardy perennial, height to 1 m; very wide, white flowers in summer months. ‘Bristol Fairy’ is double; ‘Pink Star’, 40 cm, double pink, is more beautiful than the cultivar ‘Rosy Veil’ which is frequently available.

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