GYPSOPHILA Baby’s Breath

There are several miniature versions for growing in the rockery. Clouds of small white or pink flowers are produced in summer, scaled-down versions of the popular herbaceous border Gypsophila. The most popular rockery species (G. repens) is also the best, and is ideal for trailing over rocks is a lime-loving plant but alkaline soil is not essential.

VARIETIES: The basic details of G. Repens (G.prostrata) are height 6 in., spread 2 ft.

Flowering period: June-August. The carpet of stems clothed in grey- or blue-tinged foliage spreads over quite a large area. It is usual to grow a named variety – ‘Fratensis’ (pink), ‘Letchworth Rose’ (pink) or ‘Monstrosa’ (white). Other species are less satisfactory, but you can try G. cerastioides (height 3 in., spread 1 ft) or the cushion-forming G. arietioides (height 2 in., spread 6 in.) if you want something unusual.

SITE AND SOIL: Requires well-drained soil and full sun.

PROPAGATION: Plant non-flowering cuttings in a cold frame in early summer.

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