Hamamelis- Witch Hazel

Deciduous shrubs, flowering exceptionally early.


They should preferably be placed against a dark background so that the flowers will show to best advantage. Partial shade is satisfactory.


Acid sandy soil with a certain amount of humus is preferred.


By layering, by grafting or from seed. Quite difficult in practice.

Hamamelis X intermedia: Height to 4 m; flowering season mid to late winter. ‘Jelena’ has coppery-orange flowers; ‘Winter Beauty’, orange yellow.

Hamamelis japonica: Height 3 m; flowering season mid to late winter; the flowers are yellow and red. ‘Zuccarina’, sulphur yellow, flowers a little later.

Hamamelis mollis: Height to 4 m; fragrant yellow,flowers in late winter. In ‘Pallida’ the flowers are slightly larger.

This is the most beautiful species.

Hamamelis virginiana: Height to 6 m; orange-yellow flowers from early autum to early winter; fine autumn colouring.

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