Hanging Displays For House Plants

Hanging Displays For House Plants

Hanging baskets are always an attractive way of displaying plants and are particularly useful when space is limited. However, they can be difficult to maintain and become a nuisance inside the house if they drip water. The conventional basket is made of wire (sometimes plastic covered) and lined with moss. When assembling, line the basket with green florists’ moss and then put in a piece of polythene. Add potting compost, water well and plant.

Indoor baskets

For indoor use, there are plastic baskets with a drip tray attached underneath. When planted carefully, the basket and tray will be hidden by trailing plants.

Outdoor baskets

Plant with summer bedding plants, such as trailing geraniums, and hang outside the house. Water daily, otherwise it will dry out and the plants will die. Remember, this type of basket drips when watered.

Suitable plants for indoor baskets




philodendron scandens


hedera helix

columnea microphylla


Suitable plants for outdoor baskets

  • petunia
  • impatiens
  • trailing lobelia
  • variegated ivy
  • ivy
  • geranium
  • calceolaria
  • fuschia
  • zebrina
  • nasturtium
  • sedum
  • begonia

Macrame hangers

Macrame-style hanging cord containers made of string, jute, wool, beds and many different materials make very attractive holders. Some of these hangers will take two or three plants in vertical display. Plant a mixture of hanging plants and some of the more upright plants, especially in hangers designed to take more than one basket. Always put a drip tray inside the hanger to catch drips. Take care not to damage the leaves of plants when inserting or removing them.

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