These have no special needs beyond ordinary well drained soil and an open sunny position. All are increased by division, best in early spring or early autumn.

A. ‘Coronation Gold’ is a smaller headed yellow, growing to a bushy 3 feet.

A. filipendulina, usually offered under the name ‘Gold Plate’ is the tallest, reaching 4 feet, with strong stems, carrying wide plate-head flowers June to August and pungent deeply cut leaves. Flowers hold their colour over winter, if cut and dried before they begin to fade on the plant.

A. millefolium ‘Cerise Queen’, grows from mat forming, rather untidy plants which need curbing or replanting every 2 to 3 years. Stems are filigree leaved about 2 ½ feet, tall, carrying loose heads June-August, which may need supporting.

A. ‘Moonshine’ is a hybrid of great merit, having silvery filigree foliage and glistening flower heads on 20 inches stems, beginning late May and often with some in autumn too.

Its parents A. clypeolata is a deeper yellow, but less reliably hardy and the lighter A. taygetea is less silvery and more erect at 2 feet tall.

Double white Achilleas are, Perry White and The Pearl, but both spread rather quickly and may need support when in flower.

All Achilleas are good for cutting, and if cut back in good time, sometimes flower a second time.

ACHILLEA filipendulina

ACHILLEA filipendulina ‘Gold Plate’

ACHILLEA moonshine

ACHILLEA ‘Moonshine

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