A. ‘Fukujukai is a newly introduced Japanese variety, which vies with winter aconite for being the earliest flower in the garden. The 9-12 inches stems carry quite large golden flowers from February to April according to season, followed by ferny foliage, but becomes dormant from July onwards. The next Adonis to flower is the beautiful double-greenish yellow A. amurensis plena. This grows only 6 inches high, flowering March and April. The finest is A. vernalis, which is April late May. It has glistening yellow flowers, set in filigreed, shapely bushes 12-18 inches high, making a perfect picture, and retaining its foliage till early autumn. All Adonis are long lived but slow growing. They like light but deep soil, neither wet nor dry and though old plants can be divided in autumn, great care is needed to separate crowns with ample fibrous root, and crowns should not be placed more than 2 inches below surface. Because of their long period of dormancy, the position of plant should be marked whilst leaves are still visible to avoid damage when hoeing or digging.

ADONIS amurensis 'Fukujukai'

ADONIS amurensis ‘Fukujukai’

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