A. ‘Loddon Royalist’, though brilliant and useful for early flowering, this and similar Anchusas may need supporting. They also tend to leave a bare patch once flowering is over by late June and should be cut back to promote fresh basal leaves. They grow from 3-5 feet high, from brittle fleshy roots and as they resent wet soil in winter, should be in a well drained spot. Other varieties include the deep blue A. ‘Morning Glory and the sky blue A. ‘Opal’, but both these are tall. A. ‘Little John’ is only 20 inches, but though flowering for longer, is less spectacular. Full marks go to A. angustissima both for brightness and continuity in flower. Sprays spread out and up to 15 inches, set with brightest blue flowers from early June to September, but unfortunately plants exhaust themselves after 2-3 seasons. It sets occasional seeds, but basal cuttings in early spring can be taken, whereas the taller Anchusas can only be increased from root cuttings.

ANCHUSA 'Loddon Royalist'

ANCHUSA ‘Loddon Royalist’

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