A. ‘McKana Hybrids’ have the largest flowers and the best colour range of these garden favourites, growing to about 3 feet high, with long spurs. Although easy and adaptable, all Aqui-legias tend to be short lived, but are easily raised from seed. Plants should however be a year old to flower freely and should be grown on, to plant in autumn, for the next season. Apart from such mixed strain as McKana, there are a few species in cultivation, in blue, white, purple, red and yellow, varying in height from 4 inches to 3 feet, but these are usually obtainable only from specialists, and from seed do not always come fully true to name and colour. Although the red variety A. ‘Crimson Star’ is fairly reliable in this respect, along with the pink shades of A. ‘Biedermeier’, both growing about 18 inches high.

AQUILEGIA 'Biedermeier'

AQUILEGIA ‘Biedermeier’

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