A. maritima ‘Vindictive’ is a multi purpose plant for it can be used as a frontal border group, as an evergreen edging and in the rock-garden. Of close mounded growth, the little drumstick flowers come on 6-8 inches stems in June and July. There is a good white form too, A. maritima alba and two that flower somewhat later. Theseare the9inches A.’ Ruby Glow’ and A. ‘Bloodstone’, 10-12inches, the latter being the deepest colour. The first two are the more easily grown and also divide easily in spring or early autumn, but the taller Armerias are best in full sun and well drained soil. The most brilliant, but the most difficult to increase, from basal cuttings is A. ‘Bees Ruby’. This makes a mound of broader, glossy foliage and in June-July sends up 18 inches stems of quite large globular heads of deep glistening pink. One other worth mentioning is A. Corsica on which the 9 inches stems carry salmon rose heads. All these Armerias are long lived, given freedom from excessive soil wetness.

ARMERIA maritima 'Vindictive'

ARMERIA maritima ‘Vindictive’

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