B. macrophylla. This was formerly Anchusa myosotidiflora, and the flowers have indeed a close resemblance to ‘Forget-me-nots’. The sprays are however longer and more widely branched, developing up to 18 inches or so, by which time the 6 inches wide rounded leaves are forming a sturdy, mounded plant and when flowering has ended in June, fresh leaves continue all summer. It is an easy and adaptable plant for both sun and shade, not fussy over soil and readily divided. B. macrophylla variegata needs a little shade to give of its brightest best, for at least half the green of the leaves is replaced by a buff-almost primrose yellow shade. It grows almost as strongly as the type, and flowers just as pleasingly, but the variegation is perpetuated only by true divisions. This means that if dividing a detached root may sprout leaves and these will be green.

BRUNNERA macrophytta (Anchusa myosotidiflora)

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