The best known Geums are the double red G. ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’, and the double yellow G. ‘Lady Stratheden’, but unfortunately these have only a short life. They can only be raised from seed, and though plants will flower well the following year after sowing, begin to deteriorate from then on. Both grow 20-24 inches giving a colourful display from late May to August. There are however other Geums which have a perennial constitution, forming clumpy growth which will divide easily. Division every 2 or 3 years discarding old woody growth, greatly improves flowering freedom and continuity. Geums are not fussy as to soil and can be planted in autumn or early spring . G. borisii is a first rate little subject, with densely mounded leaves and 12 inches sprays of intense deep orange flowers in May and June. G. ‘Rubin’, along with G. ‘Red Wings’ are semi double red, flowering at 2 feet from early June to well into August. Of similar habit, G. ‘Fire Opal’ is flame coloured and G. ‘Dolly North’ is orange yellow. G. ‘Georgen-berg’ is demure, only 10 inches with deep yellow flowers somewhat pendant, begins in May, continuing for many weeks and reliably perennial. G. rossii, is very distinct, with pretty carrotty foliage from neat tufty growth, and butter yellow flowers on 9 inches sprays from May to July.


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