The charming folk name of ‘Baby’s Breath’ applies to the single flowered G. paniculata. From a sturdy top or fangy root this makes a con siderable summer spread of somewhat tangled twiggy bran ches forming a cloud of tiny white flowers.

G. ‘Bristol Fairy’ has larger, double flowers and both will reach 3 feet high and as much in diameter when at their best.

G. compact a plena (Bodgeri) is like a smaller edition of the latter and covers the same period in flower from June to late August. This is also the period for two pink varieties, but it must be said that both the 18 inches. G. ‘Pink Star’and the prostrate G. Rosy Ke/Ythe colour is but faint. They are however good perennials capable of covering a fair amount of space and having a long period in flower.

All Gypsophilas like sunny well drained conditions and as the generic name states, they revel in chalky soil. The single G. paniculata comes only from seed.

GYPSOPHILA paniculata 'Bristol Fairy'

GYPSOPHILA paniculata ‘Bristol Fairy’

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