At first sight, the exotic looking rosy red trumpets of these seem out of place amongst hardy perennials. They have some resemblance to Gloxineas, and since they appear rather suddenly from bare earth, before making leaf, they are all the more startling. The roots are in fact fleshy fangs, and though no sign of shoots may be visible at the beginning of May, by the end of the month they are showing bud if not actually in flower. I. delavayi, is the taller of the species available and gradually run up with dark green deeply cut leaves, flowering all through June, till they reach 2 feet or so. I. gran-diflora, which has the larger trumpets of deep pinkish red, begins flowering only just above ground in late May, and when fully grown, is no more than 12 inches high. It has a similar fleshy root and though these plants are both fully hardy they need well drained soil to be long lived and care with cultivating tools during their winter dormancy. Roots are difficult to divide and they can be increased only by seed.

HEUCHERELLA 'Bridget Bloom'


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