The main virtue of L. maculatum and L. galeob-dolon is that they will grow in shade, even if dry. The former makes a rapid spread 6 inches or so above ground with deadnettle leaves which are heavily spotted a paler grey-green. The flowers come on 8-9 inches stumpy spikes in spring, in white, purplish and pink, and L. ^Chequers’ is about the most colourful and compact variety. L. galeobdolon variegatum spreads quickly from runners and the leaves are in a bicolor variegation. Flowers are yellow in May, soon over, but in general these are easy plants for the more difficult places. L. garganlcum is much more choice, making a compact evergreen mound of light green and a long succession of deep pink flowers. Whilst L. orvala has erect spikes almost 2 feet high in May-June, deep pink in colour and quite showy, but dying away to a dormant slow growing root in winter. These last two species need shade, in soil that does not dry out but can be increased by division.

LAMIUM maculatum 'Chequers'

LAMIUM maculatum ‘Chequers’

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