‘Gay Feather’ is a good name for this showyplant. Though easy to grow in any well drained soil, it has a fleshy root with no deep penetration and responds to being divided or replanted every 3-4 years, because of its tendency to grow out of the ground. Deep green narrow leaves furnish both the plant and the stems which rise up to 3 feet and by late June, the fluffy little flowers, close to the stem open first at the top. This is the opposite to most spike forming plants, but as flowering proceeds downwards, fading does not seriously detract from what is a quite striking appearance. Cutting back when faded, often induces further spikes to flower into August and September, but division is best in spring. Thcugh several species exist, L. callilepsis has been found to be the most reliable of these, such as L. spicata and L. pychnostachya which are on similar lines.


LIATRIS callilepsis (syn. spicata)

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