These are imposing subjects for rich or moist soil, though the L. clivorum varieties need considerable space in which to develop. This makes a large leaved clump and sends up erect spikes to 3 or 4 feet of orange yellow daisy flowers, and the variety L. ‘ Desdemona’, has handsome purplish leaves. Flowering time is July-August, but L. hodgsoni is dwarfer and earlier at 2½ feet though on similar lines. L. stenocephala is tall and handsome with light yellow flowers. Several other species exist, more suited perhaps to wet or bog garden conditions. All can be increased by division in autumn or spring, but show the effects of droughty conditions rather quickly if deprived of moisture during the growing period, and this is one of the reasons why ample space should be given them when planting.

LIGULARIA clivorum left and LIGULARIA stenocephala right

LIGULARIA clivorum

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