Virtually all Lupins nowadays originate from the Russell strain. They are so easy from seed that many people prefer this cheaper method, whether they sow their own or buy in seedling plants. One should bear in mind however, that from seed, there are reversionary tendencies and to obtain the best spikes and colours, seed must be carefully chosen. Mixed colours are of course inevitable from seed and named varieties to colour are more expensive because they can only be increased from basal cuttings in early spring. Ample variety exists in nurserymen’s catalogues for those who wish to make their own selection of colours, and though new varieties appear fairly regularly, it is often a case of trial, since some are constitutionally stronger and more perennial than others. Lupins are not so happy on limey soils as in acid or neutral or low alkalinity. They dislike humus rich soils too, and should not receive compost or manure, and if they cannot be regarded as long lived perennials, they are at least adaptable for open as well as shady conditions and town gardens.

LUPINS 'Russell Hybrids'

LUPINS ‘Russell Hybrids

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