One of the most adaptable of all hardy plants, these will grow in damp or waterside situations, or in quite ordinary soil even if on the dry side. The roots are tough and woody and will not divide until plants become quite old In any case they can be left to take care of themselves for years, and form erect, twiggy bushes. Varieties of L. salicaria are quite leafy, with profuse but small spikes of intense rose red in the variety L. ‘Firecandk’. L. ‘The Beacon’ is a little less deep in colour, and both form bushes 3 feet tall, flowering from June to late August. L. ‘Robert’ grows only 2 feet with spikes of bright pink. L. virgatum has less foliage and more slender spikes and flowers a little later of which L. ‘Rose Queen’ is a favourite pink variety, 1½ to 2 feet high.

LYTHRUM salicaria 'Firecandle'

LYTHRUM salicaria ‘Firecandle’

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