The curiously shaped flowers of the Berga-mot have a certain appeal, and the leaves are decidedly aromatic even if this does not appeal to everyone. They come in some very bright colours, on erectly branching stems up to 4 feet in moist or rich soil, but less than this where dry. The plants make a fairly rapid spread of matted rooting pieces and these may need curbing. This is easy enough since they almost fall apart, and with their tendency to wander, one simple method is to dig in the centre parts with a little compost and to plant again some of the vigorous outer pieces in spring. M. ‘Adam’ is cerise red, and M. ‘Cambridge Scarlet’ is still popular along with M. ‘Croftway Pink’, M. ‘Prairie Glow’, is bright salmon red, and M. ‘Prairie Night’ is violet purple, all growing to a similar height. Monardas are however capable of growing quite tall in the second year after planting, in rich or moist soil.

MONARDA 'Croftway Pink'

MONARDA ‘Croftway Pink’

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