O. cappadocica is a charming, reliable little plant for shady places, making a thick carpet of semi-glaucous ribbed leaves, evergreen for most of the year. In April-May come little 8 inches sprays of intensely blue forget-me-not type flowers above the foliage and the variety O. ‘Anthea Bloom’ is sky blue and freest to flower. There is nothing weedy about this plant and though it can stand summer drought an occasional dusting of fine soil or peat amongst the leaves in autumn, will help it maintain its carpeting qualities and improve its flowering. Early autumn is the best time for dividing or planting and once settled it should be allowed to stay down for several years.

O. verna grows much more quickly, rooting as it goes. It makes quite a show, with bright blue flowers on 3 inches sprays in May though it does not flower for long. The leaves are bright green, but these fade in autumn. There is a white flowered form of this and in both cases a soil dusting during winter is helpful, otherwise it is a good tempered subject fot shady places.

OMPHALODES eappadocica 'Anthea Bloom'

OMPHALODES eappadocica ‘Anthea Bloom’

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