These have many good points and deserve to be grown more widely, for they will grow in just ordinary soil and will flower for a long time. P. ‘Glory of Nancy’ is one of several with quite large flowers above pretty strawberry type leaves, in varying shades from green to silvery. This variety flowering June to August has grey-green leaves and the branching stems would be almost 2 feet if erect, but 1 prefer not to stake these taller ones any more than those dwarfer. They are not untidy in habit and look so much more natural. P. argyrophylla atrosanguinea has silver leaves and bright red flowers, May to July at 18 inches, but P. ‘ Yellow Queen’, also silver, May-June flowering, is barely 12 inches. The intense blood red of P. ‘Flamenco’ is outstanding, and it grows robustly to 2 feet for June-July, with P. ‘Gibson’s Scarlet’ a more prostrate variety which flowers from June to September. P. ‘Mons. Rouillara’ is large flowered crimson, blotched orange whilst P. ‘Wm. Rollisson’ is bright flame orange, 18 inches high. P. ‘Firedance’ has smaller flowers in greater profusion of suffused orange, salmon and red colours at 15 inches, and P. warreni is an erect yellow flowered species for 2 feet., both with a long flowering season. Potentillas are easy to divide either in autumn or spring, and only P. warreni is best from seed. They are very colourful and very easy plants.

POTENTILLA 'Gibson's Scarlet'

POTENTILLA ‘Gibson’s Scarlet

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