These are amongst the easiest shade loving plants and make a brave show from March to May. In moist soil shade is less necessary, and they are perfectly hardy and reliable, best divided in autumn where plants have become very old and unthrifty. One of the earliest and brightest is P. angustifolia azurea, with sprays of brilliant blue only 10 inches high, followed by the 8 inches P. ‘Munstead Blue P. saccharata ‘Pink Dawn’ is a little taller and has quite large leaves which become heavily mottled with a near white variegation, giving rise to the name ‘Spotted Dog’. This applies to others with the epithet P. saccharata picta, but there is P. saccharata ‘Bowles Red’, which though it has reddish flowers of the usual bell shape, is a rather coarse growing plant.

PULMONARIA saccharata 'Pink Dawn'

PULMONARIA saccharata ‘Pink Dawn’

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