The wild Buttercup, R. bulbosus has several relations of good garden value and no weedy propensities either from seed or spread. Most of them prefer moist rather than dry soil, but R. gramineus is not fussy, preferring good drainage. The leaves are grassy and glaucous and from May to July send up erectly branching stems to 15 inches of glistening yellow cups. R. acris plenus is taller with small but perfectly formed double flowers to 2 feet in June-July. R. bulbosus specious plenus is a very refined dwarf Buttercup, with a rich green base foliage on a compact hummock. Flowers are fully double, 1 y2 inches across, slightly tinged green. R. aconitifolius plenus is the choicest of them all, needing rich moist soil and making a truly magnificent display May to July, with its countless little white buttons, in perfect double formation. This charming plant is also known as ‘Fair Maids of Kent’ and it takes a year or two for plants to become large, through the spread and height are about equal at 2 feet when happily settled. Division in autumn or early spring.

RANUNCULUS gramineus


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