The ‘Golden Rods’ have undergone a great change in recent years, with the taller, weedier kinds being ousted by the more discerning gardeners for those that are more compact and give a better show. S. ‘Leraft’ was the first of this new race growing only 2>/2 feet tall and flowering in July-August. S. ‘Golden Shower’ is another, slightly taller representative and in their varying shades ofyellow.and shape of the plume, S. ‘Golden Mosa’ S. ‘Golden Gates’ and S. ‘Lemore’— a lemon yellow, can be well recommended. For something dwarfer S. ‘Crown of Rays’ is leafy with prominently lateral spikes, only 2 feet high, and S. ‘Peter Pan’ of similar habit 3½ feet. Amongst the real dwarfs, late flowering, S. ‘Laurin’ makes a wide foliage and flower spread, but S. ‘Quee-nie’ and S. ‘Golden Thumb’ form little bushes barely 12 inches high. Both have somewhat golden green leaves and deep yellow flowers, making them ideal for frontal positions, where compactness counts. Solidagos appreciate good soil, and divisions of old plants is an easy matter in spring.

SOLIDAGO 'Golden Shower'

SOLIDAGO ‘Golden Shower’

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