T. virginiana, Though not by any means choice, the Tradescantias have at least two good points in their favour. One is that they flower for a long time and the other is on the score of reliability and hardiness. On the debit side, it must be said that they take on a rather tatty appearance after being in flower for a couple of months and that they do not stay erect unaided when in damp or rich soil. They begin flowering in June when about a 12 inches high, but by August will be 18 inches or more, with their three petalled flowers (hence the name ‘Trinity Flower’) continuing to open on clustered heads. The foliage is rushy and glaucous green, and the plants are quite rooty, though not difficult to divide. T. ‘Purewell Giant’, carmine purple, T. ‘Osprey’, pure white and T. ‘Isis’, deep blue, are, with T. ‘Purple Dome’ a good selection from the varieties in cultivation.

TRADESCANTIA 'Purewell Giant'

TRADESCANTIA ‘Purewell Giant’

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