V. C. L. Adams’ is one of the best of the perennial ‘Mulleins’ with its very effective 4 feet spikes of deep yellow flowers from June to August. The leaves are quite large and the roots are fangy and from these root cuttings, increase can be made. All Ver- bascums like an open sunny position and well drained but otherwise ordinary soil—poor rather than rich. There are a good many kinds and other reliable yellows are V. chaixii and V. thapsiforme. V. ‘Gainsborough’ is a charming light yellow, 3 feet tall, with silvery grey leaves and V. hartleyi has a suffusion of biscuit yellow and plum purple flowers on 5 feet spikes. V. ‘Pink Domino’ is dark leaved, spikes being 3 feet tall for the same

June-August period. There is a white in

V. ’Mont Blanc’ and multicoloured flowers in. V. ‘Cotswold Gem’ and V. ‘Cotswold

Queen’, both 3 feet. A small flowered, but neat growing V. ‘Golden Bush’ is outstanding, for it is only 2 feet high and lasts in flower longer than any other. Verbascums can be planted in either autumn or spring but will not divide.


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