Harvest time provides an opportunity to fill the church with colour. The prettiest effect is achieved if flowers and fruit and vegetables are used together in big arrangements. Fruit and vegetables provide a marvellous range of colours and textures. They look less satisfactory just piled in heaps on the floor.

Large pedestals can be arranged with foliage in autumn colours or beech which has been preserved in glycerine.

A wooden table is a good place upon which to build up a design of flowers, fruit and vegetables, but in the case of a valuable table it is essential before starting work to spread a sheet of polythene as a protection for it. When flowers are used one must, of course, have a container filled with water or Oasis. When the basic outline has been made it should at an early stage be filled in with fruit or large material. If plants are used they should be taken out of their pots and their roots should be tied into polythene bags.

Window cills are excellent for staging mixed arrangements of flowers, fruit and vegetables. If there are plenty of helpers it should be possible to have garlands of berries and leaves round the font and the pulpit, and to decorate the pew ends with flowers, old man’s beard, blackberries and hips. The effect is very attractive.

If your church is considering staging a flower festival, think about combining it with Harvest Thanksgiving. This is a very suitable time.

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