Hebe- Modest, evergreen shrubs; some resemble conifers.


In borders, in rock gardens or on low walls. The plants require sun and occasionally some shelter.


Porous, sandy soil is best.


From cuttings taken in winter.

Hebe armstrongii: Height 30-60 cm; small white flowers in early to mid summer. Fan-shaped and branching, the tiny, scale-shaped leaves, 2 mm across, grow close to the twigs. The colour is bronze green.

Hebe buxifolia: Height 30 cm; dense white flower-spikes, 3 cm long, in summer months. The small, evergreen leaves overlap like roof tiles and resemble the foliage of Buxus. Hebe cupressoides: Height 25 cm; pale-blue or white flowers in summer months. The foliage resembles that of a small cypress. Sensitive to frost.

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