Helenium- Sneezeweed

Strong herbaceous plants, which multiply readily.


Excellent border plant with fine yellow, red-brown and orange-yellow flowers. Plant in full sun.


Any reasonable garden soil.


By division in spring.

Helenium autumnale: Height 50-200 cm; flowering season late summer to mid autumn; erect-growing, winged stalks, branching at the tip. Deep-yellow flowers with a globular brown-yellow centre.

Helemum hybrids: A group with varying flowering seasons and heights. Early strains, mid to late summer: ‘Moerheim Beauty’, 100-200 cm, coppery red; ‘Crimson Beauty’, red brown, 50-60 cm. Flowering from mid summer to early autumn: ‘Kanaria’, golden yellow all over, 110 cm; ‘Red Riding Hood’, bright red-brown, 70-80 cm. Late strains, late summer to mid autumn: ‘Baudirektor Linne’, velvety red with a brown centre, 100 cm; ‘Gold-rausch’, golden yellow with brown, 140 cm.

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