Helianthemum- Sun Rose

Evergreen shrubs, usually classified among hardy perennials.


In rock gardens, on low walls etc; always in full sun. In winter the plants must be protected against severe frost by covering them with bracken, leaves or straw. After flowering they are cut back a little.


The soil must be porous but may be quite dry.


From cuttings in summer. Use rooting powder and keep the cuttings frost free in winter.

Helianthemum hybrids: Height 10-15 cm, but may spread to a width of 1 m. Flowering season early to mid summer; the flowers occur in various colours and open only in sunny weather. The leaves are elliptical, grey green. ‘Ben Heckla’, bronze yellow and red, single; ‘Ben Mare’, deep orange, single; ‘Cerise Queen’, cherry red, double; ‘Golden Queen’, lemon yellow, single; ‘Ruth’, coppery red, single; ‘The Bride’, white, single.

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