Helianthus- Sunflower

Very well known as an annual, but there are also hardy perennials.


Annuals are grown for the sake of their impressive height; perennials in colour borders.


Any ordinary garden soil.


Annuals are sown out of doors in mid spring; perennials are increased by division.

Helianthus annuus: The best known annual species. Height normally 2 m, but the record is close to 7 m. The flowers are yellow with a brown-black disc; and up to 50 cm in diameter. There are also dwarf strains and forms with red-brown linear petals.

Helianthus decapetalus: Hardy perennial, height 1-2 m; medium-sized yellow flowers in late summer to mid autumn. ‘Soleil d’Or’ is double.

Helianthus salicifolius: Height 1-2 m; yellow flowers in early to mid autumn. The ornamental value lies mainly in the drooping linear leaves, which remind one of a willow tree. Damp soil.

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