Heliopsis- Ox-eye

Not to be confused with Helianthus. In this perennial the flower centres are less conspicuous.


Excellent border plants, very strong and reliable. Prolonged flowering season; the flowers are yellow or orange.


Not fussy as regards soil; however, it must be adequately damp.


By division or from cuttings.

Helwpsis helianthoides var scabra: Height 100-125 cm; flowering season mid summer to early autumn. There are a number of selections, including ‘Golden Plume’, very large, double golden-yellow flowers; ‘Gold-greenheart’, golden-yellow flowers with a greenish heart; ‘Hohl-spiegel’, saucer-shaped flowers, deep orange; ‘Karat’, single-flowered, golden yellow; ‘Patula’, very large orange-yellow flowers; ‘Spitzentanzerin’, semi-double, fine golden-yellow ray florets.

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