Helleborus- Hellebore

Perennial plant which at one time was occasionally brought into flower early to be sold as an indoor plant at

Christmas time.


Out of doors this hardy plant flowers from late winter or early spring onwards. Provide a sheltered situation in partial shade.


Rich, moist soil is essential.


By division or from seed.

Helleborus hybrids: Hybrids up to 50 cm tall; flowering from late winter onwards in colours varying from pink with green to deep purple, sometimes almost black. Helleborus niger, Christmas rose: Height 20-30 cm; flowering season mid to late winter, often later. White flowers, turning purplish pink or greenish at a later stage. Helleborus purpurascens syn Helleborus atrorubens: Height 40 cm; fairly small reddish-purple flowers with a silvery sheen in mid to late spring.

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