Helxine solierolii – Mind-Your-Own-Business

Mind-Your-Own-Business is a vivid green little carpeting plant with trailing stems and close-set tiny leaves. It is excellent for screening the pots of other plants, and will grow almost anywhere, but prefers light shaded situations. Do not plant with other indoor plants, but in separate dishes or pots. This plant is a favourite with children – it is dainty, easy to grow and cannot be overwatered.

Helxine solierolii - Mind-Your-Own-Business


Anywhere between 10-15 °C (50-60 °F)

Soil: Any well drained soil-less compost. It will even grow on moist sandstone.

Where to position: Almost anywhere except direct sun. Shade suits it well. Tolerates draughts and temperature changes.

Watering requirements: Water, water, water. It is a swamp plant; keep soil moist but well drained.

General care: You can’t, but it provides a fresh green screen in front of or around other plants.

Rest: It simply slows down a little in colder conditions.

When it looks sick:

  • It becomes patchy and sick looking : The probable cause is under-watering. Water copiously.
  • Browning or rotting leaves : Water the soil, not the plant. It likes wet roots and dry leaves.

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