Hemerocallis- Day Lily

Magnificent perennial plant for a shady situation. It has a very prolonged flowering season.


Under shrubs, in shady borders to provide colour, or mixed with other plants. Note the pink shades, generally difficult to obtain.


Rich, constantly damp, soil.


By division.

Hemerocallis citrina: Height 70-100 cm; fragrant lemon-yellow flowers in mid to late summer. Hemerocallis hybrids: Height 60-80 cm; flowering season mid to late summer; very large flowers. ‘Black Hills’, deep purple brown; ‘Flaming Sword’, clear reddish brown; ‘Orange Man’, orange; ‘Pink Charm’, brownish pink; ‘Sammy Russell’, bright red with orange; ‘Tejas’, red brown with a yellow calyx.

Hemerocallis middendorffii: Height 30-50 cm; yellow flowers with a pleasant scent in late spring or early summer, sometimes for a second time in early autumn.

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