P. Although in flower throughout July and August, each blossom lasts only a day, but during its life it has a delicate perfume, and as new blooms continually form, six or more on a spike, they are well worth a place in the border. Plant 18 in. apart in autumn and increase from offsets.

Although hemerocallis succeed on almost any soil and in sun or partial shade the ground should be carefully prepared and compost, leaf mould or similar humus-forming materials incorporated, as they dislike dryness at the roots. During hot summer weather they may be watered freely as needed.

The more recent varieties are a great improvement on earlier introductions. They grow 2 to 3 ft. tall and the wide colour range comprises yellow, orange, salmon, red, etc., including many bicolours and pastel shades.

Recommended varieties:

Black Magic: ruby-purple with yellow cup.

Cellini: soft canary-yellow.

Dawn Play: apricot and salmon.

Glowing Gold: brilliant orange.

Golden West: bright yellow.

Kanapaha: mahogany-red with orange throat.

Magnolia: yellow and tan.

Morocco Red: the name describes the colour. The cup is yellow.

Painted Lady: coppery-brown.

Pink Damask: coppery-pink.

Saladin: cherry-red.

Windsor Tan: golden-brown and sepia.

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