Heuchera- Alum Root

Attractive hardy perennial with striking flower clusters. Hybrids resulting from crossing Heuchera with Tiarella are referred to as X Heucherella.


In borders, as light ground-cover, in plant combinations, and in partial shade. Cover lightly in winter.


Nutritious soil, rich in humus and slightly damp.


By division and from cuttings.

Heuchera hybrids syn Heuchera X hrizoides: Height 30-50 cm; flowering season late spring to mid summer. Fine strains are ‘Jubilee’, soft pink; ‘Pluie de Feu’, red; ‘Rakete’, scarlet; ‘Silberregen’, white.

X Heucherella tiarelloides: Height 20-30 cm, produces runners. The leaves are circular to heart-shaped, coarsely serrated along the edges; the flower-stalks are reddish brown carrying rose-red flowers with a pink and green calyx in late spring and early summer.

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