P. Attractive border plants which have been considerably improved in recent years. They vary in height from 18 in. to nearly 3 ft., blooming from May to July and often longer on cool, moisture-retaining soils, preferably not too heavy. They are excellent for cutting. Heucheras tend to grow out of the ground but this can be ‘arrested’ by working in some compost among the crowns at any time when they are out of flower. The Bressingham hybrids cover a wide colour range from pale pink to deep crimson. Named varieties include the following.

Coral Cloud: coral-pink with crinkly, shining leaves, 2 ft. Damask: deep rose. 1 ½ ft. Freedom: rose-pink. 1 ½ ft. Red Spangles: crimson-scarlet. 1 ½ ft.Rhapsody: glowing pink. 2 ft. Splendour: salmon-coral. 2 ½ —3 ft.

Heucheras are best increased by lifting the plants in early autumn every third year and replanting the young outer pieces.

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