Hibiscus- Rose Mallow

Deciduous shrubs with very striking flowers.


Decorative shrubs for sheltered, sunny situations. Full flowering is achieved only after a warm summer, but at that time the shrubs are particularly beautiful. In spring they start into growth so late that they are often thought to have died.


Preferably loamy, rich soil. Propagation From cuttings taken in summer.

Hibiscus syriacus: Height 2-3 m; flowering season late summer to mid autumn with large saucer-shaped or funnel-shaped flowers with conspicuous stamens. There are single as well as double-flowered forms. ‘Admiral Dewey’, single, white; ‘Coelestis’, single, violet blue; ‘Oiseau Bleu’, single, deep blue; ‘Puniceus Plenus’, semi-double, red; ‘Red Heart’, white with red blotches; ‘Woodbridge’, single, red.

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